Overview We do various work types, offer reasonable prices and deliver high quality

Serving As An Offshore
Back-Office Of Data Processing

    • As a third-party service provider, we are contracted the operations & responsibilities for particular business processes of data processing, and act as client’s outsourcing back office
    • We dedicate to offshore production & technical support that the client is free to focus on sales & other core activities
    • We can regularly receive work assignments from the client. For each assigned work, we draw up a particular solution, negotiate prices, propose a delivery schedule for it
    • To ensure the best productivity and quality, our staffs are dedicated completely for the client

Doing Client’s Works
In Effective Manner

  • Our full system with standard infrastructure & work facilities, effective processes & tools, and experienced & skilled staffs is highly available for production, communication, and support
  • We are capable to properly meet client’s requests for scale-up and diversified works
  • On-time delivery and quality assurance are mostly important to us to keep. Efficient issue handling and client support are our responsibilities as well
  • We provide a high level of commitment in regards to client data security and ownership

WE DO We do simple to complex works of data processing

To Do Various Work Types

Data Processing BPO

Data Creation & Capture

  • Data entry (receipts, surveys, contact information,
    e-commerce data, etc.)
  • OCR, ICR and OMR (handwritten & printed characters, and marks)
  • Data pasting & copying (websites, files, etc.)
  • Data crawling & scraping (websites, screens, etc.)
  • Data extraction (pdfs, images, databases, etc.)
  • Data tabulation (various data sources)
  • Database creation (various data sources)
  • e-book creation (documents, images, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Enhancement & Manipulation

  • Scanned image processing (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Photo image processing (product photos, fashion photos, architectural photos, etc.)
  • Data cleaning (noisy data, dirty data, useless data, typographical errors, etc.)
  • Data enrichment (data addition, data refining, etc.)
  • Data sorting (data ordering, data categorization, etc.)
  • Data validation (data-type validation, data-constraint validation, proofreading, etc.)
  • Data indexing (files, databases, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Analysis & Mining

  • Data mining (text mining, database mining, etc.)
  • Data analysis (multi-dimensional data analysis (OLAP), statistical analysis, text analytics, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Representation & Output

  • Data output (CSVs, e-books, databases, etc.)
  • Data visualization (representing data in maps, charts, graphs, plots, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Migration & Conversion

  • Data conversion (file formats, data types, etc.)
  • Data migration (schema migration, version migration, platform migration, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Preservation & Archiving

  • Data archiving (storing older data of files, databases)
  • Data preservation (storing, preserving, managing, and sharing data)
Data Processing BPO

Data Maintenance & Update

  • Data update (websites, e-books, files, databases, etc.)
  • Website maintenance (content update, user data validation, data backup, etc.)
  • File maintenance (integrity maintenance, file backup, etc.)
  • Database maintenance (performance & consistency maintenance, database backup, etc.)
Data Processing BPO

Data Access & Search

  • File access & search:
    Organization of files
    Facilities to search and access data in files
  • Database access & search:
    Organization of databases
    Facilities to search and access data in databases

ENGAGEMENT We offer reasonable options for your right choice of engagement with us


Fixed Price

Fixed Price

Fixed price charge; milestone invoicing




Charge by outcome amount (records, forms, images, etc.) completed per month; monthly invoicing




Charge per head per month; monthly invoicing




Charge by hours worked per month; monthly invoicing

EXPERIENCE We are experts, with experience of working on hundreds of projects

Data Processing BPO

Has 10 Years Of Experience

  • Worked for 10 years in data processing, with approx. 500 completed projects
  • Experienced in large scale projects
  • Experienced in long term projects
  • Experienced in complicated projects
  • Experienced in projects requiring the utmost accuracy
  • Experienced in offline & online projects
  • Experienced in both data processing & software development projects
Data Processing BPO

Served Various Client Types

  • Served clients from the USA, Europe and Australia
  • Served clients in a diversify of fields: library, magazine, insurance, bank, marketing research, hospital, health care, church, institute, university, supermarket, broadcasting, mobile & web consulting, architectural design, CRM and dialog marketing, marketing and advertising solutions, digitization & document management solutions
Data Processing BPO

Performed Various Work Types

  • Data entry, OCR, OMR, data pasting & copying, data crawling & scraping, data tabulation in Excel, file & image extraction, e-book creation
  • Photo & scanned image processing, data cleaning, data enrichment, data indexing & rename, data sorting in Excel, data validation
  • Data conversion, data migration
  • e-book update, website maintenance, database maintenance

PROCESS A well-defined process for effective engagement and coordination

Data Processing BPO

WHY US We are your right choice, because of our particular values and advantages

Data Processing BPO

High Commitment To Quality And Data Security

We properly deliver quality and ensure progress
as expected. Also, we seriously take
client data security and ownership

Data Processing BPO

Extremely Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is extremely competitive, due from
the advantages of offshore outsourcing
and automation-objected production

Data Processing BPO

Effective & Flexible Solution

We propose to clients effective and flexible solutions
meeting certainly their particular requirements

Data Processing BPO

High Available And Full Production System

Our system is full and highly available for production,
communication and support, as well as expandable

Data Processing BPO

Supplying Automation For Production Processes

Improving production automation level is based on using
efficiently and increasingly software tools. We dedicate
a team to develop in-house software tools as well

Data Processing BPO

Meeting Scale-Up and Diversified Works

We are capable to deal with diversified works, and
ramp-up rapidly manpower & production system
to meet the requests for scaling-up

Data Processing BPO

Solid Experiences

With 10 years of service and approx. 500 completed
data processing projects, we have solid experiences
to serve clients professionally and efficiently

Data Processing BPO

Long-term & Devoted Service

We maintain long term service with absolute devotion
that clients have a reliable data processing partner
lovely contributing for their businesses