Overview We do right staffing, you have a good back team devoting for your works

Offshore Staffing Tailored
To Client’s Needs

  • For a client, we offer the particular staffing solution providing a team fitting best their requirements
  • The client pays all-in cost including all expenses related to staffs and work conditions when buying service
  • The staffs, specialized in software development, work offshore in our office dedicatedly for the client’s works
  • The client employs and manages directly the staffs upon our monitoring, administration, and support

Working With Client
In Effective Manner

  • One among the staffs acts additionally as the team leader responsible for internal team management
  • Communication is done via emailing, chatting, Skype call, and so on, under a communication protocol
  • Reporting progress, status, issues and timesheet is done regularly; issues are handled timely and efficiently
  • Standard work facilities, effective processes and tools support adequately for working and management

WE PROVIDE We provide you all types of staffs responsible for software development

To Develop Various Types Of Software Applications

Websites & Web

To Meet All Phases Of Software Development

Software Development Staffing


Java Developer,

.NET Developer,

Python Developer,

MEAN / LAMP Developer,

WordPress Developer,

Magento Developer,

iOS Developer,

Android Developer,

and so on

Software Development Staffing

Software Testing

Desktop Application Tester,

Website & Web

Application Tester,

Mobile Application Tester,

Cloud Application Tester,

and so on

Software Development Staffing

Graphic Design

Software UI Designer,

Web Designer,

Animation Designer,

Image Designer,

and so on

Software Development Staffing

Design & Analysis

Software Requirement Analyst,

Software System Designer,

Software UX Designer,

and so on

Software Development Staffing

Project Management

Project Manager,

Project Coordinator,

Team Leader,

and so on

Especially! We offer staffing for start-up business

Efficient Software Development Methodology - Senior Technical Leader - Talented Developers

ENGAGEMENT Conveniently and flexibly, you can engage with us to hire staffs




  • Staffing term is over 6 months
  • Charging per head per month, and invoicing monthly




  • Staffing term is fewer 6 months
  • Charging on hours per month, and invoicing monthly

For Client Who Is Start-up Business

A mutual cooperation model is offered: charging a part of service fees, and sharing on remaining part

EXPERIENCE With service experiences in years, we make you reassured and satisfied

Software Development Staffing

Had 11 Years Of Experience

  • Worked 11 years in staffing for oversea clients (based on approx. 400 done projects of software development)
  • Performed agreements lengthening 7-11 years
  • Performed agreements providing all staff positions needed for software development project
  • Performed agreements for start-up businesses since 2007
Software Development Staffing

Served Various Types of Clients

  • Worked with clients from Australia, USA, and Europe
  • Serviced clients in various fields:
    mobile & web consulting, software development, software consulting,
    IT system support & administration services, social network, vehicle telematics solutions, digitization & data solutions, online services, CRM solutions, entertainment services…
Software Development Staffing

Provided A Diversify of Staff Types

Provided diverse types of staffs:

  • Developers of C++, Java, .NET, Python, LAMP, MEAN, WordPress, Magento, iOS, Android…
  • Testers of flash, mobile, web, desktop applications, websites…
  • Software UI designers, Web designers
  • Software system designers, Software UX designers…
  • Project coordinators, Team leader…

PROCESS A well-defined process for effective engagement and work coordination

Software Development Staffing

WHY US We are right for your choice, due to the significant competitive advantages

Software Development Staffing

Right Staffing

For bringing client an efficient back-team
devoted for  
production and technical support,
we provide right staffs 
and ensure
their performance

Software Development Staffing

Extremely Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is extremely competitive so
that client saves 
at least 50% of
labor cost while spending less efforts
and getting other benefits

Software Development Staffing

Effective & Flexible Solution

On listening and understanding client
thoroughly, we propose 
an effective and
flexible staffing solution meeting 
their particular requirements

Software Development Staffing

Good Facilities & Processes

Standard work facilities and effective work
processes are 
arranged to support staffs to
communicate and 
work with client in
the efficient manner

Software Development Staffing

Proving Additionally Supports
Of BPO Activities

Your software development and system
operation can get 
our efficient supports
of BPO activities of data processing,
IT administration and contact center

Software Development Staffing

Meeting Scale-Up and
Diversified Hires

We are capable to provide all positions
needed for 
software development, and
ramp-up rapidly staffs & work 
facilities to
meet the requests for scaling-up

Software Development Staffing

Solid Experiences

With 11 years of staffing and approx.
400 done projects 
of software development,
we have solid experiences to 
serve client
professionally and efficiently

Software Development Staffing

Long-term & Devoted Service

We maintain service in long term with
absolute devotion
so client has a reliable
software development partner lovely
contributing for their businesses